Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

So, today I was driving around town with my boys and listening to The Beatles.  We started out with “Yellow Submarine” (very safe…colorful, even!), then keeping with the nautical theme and belting out “Octopus’s Garden”.  It was great.  My five year old knows The Beatles!  I am a cool mom! (she thinks to herself as she sips her Starbucks caramel machiato)

We’re bopping along, smiling…singing…”BANG! BANG! Maxwell’s Silver Hammer makes sure that she’s dead!”


Wait…here are the “peace, love, and facial hair” boys from Across the Pond crooning about some deranged and violent young man who takes great pleasure in bashing in the heads of no less than three people (I say “no less than” because, lets face it, he seems awfully practiced and calm about it…) with a home improvement tool?   A shiny home improvement tool, at that!…

Yep.  And it’s catchy, too…

I totally underestimated The Beatles.  I must posthumously apologize to John and George, while  grovelling to Paul and Ringo, if only telepathically.  I thought they were just a bunch of Yorkshire sissies, protesting violence/war/taxes and engaging in self-medicated,  tantric,  and random sex…turns out they only protested organized violence perpetrated by those in uniform who were freeing oppressed peoples in third-world countries.  My apologies, guys…


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