chocolate chip cookies

Last night I made the ubiquitous and eternal chocolate chip cookies.  Today I have the expected chocolate hangover/post-cookie guilt.


5 thoughts on “chocolate chip cookies

  1. I would love to have your recipe so that I can share in your guilt-fest. The pics are wonderful. I can smell the cookies from here. I think I might even have gained a few pounds just by viewing your blog.

  2. I like how flat and crispy yours get! I’ve started substituting a tad shortening for butter to make mine a little puffier, but crispy is always tasty!

  3. Samantha- I didn’t mean for them to be flat. I chilled the dough and everything. What ratio of shortening/butter do you use? Thanks!!

  4. I find myself thrilled at your new cooking skills. I love to think on the days you couldn’t make chocolate chip cookies; If I’m mistaken I think they were more like hockey pucks 🙂

    Love ya,

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