There are more technologically advanced, more comfortable, better for your feet shoes out there…but honestly, who doesn’t love The Chucks?

I tie my Chuck Taylor shoe laces and I feel suddenly younger, cooler, more laid back.  I am instantly transformed into the Mom on the Block that Everyone Wishes They Had.  I’m Skater Mom, the Mom who “just gets me, man…”  I am inexplicably tied to all who love The Chucks, we band of happy millions with stinky feet and baggy or boot-cut jeans.  My stray tendrils of breezy hair, the baby on my hip who wears mini-chucks, my organic-for-no-g00d-reason lip balm…I am very 2010 and very 1983…

When I’m being rolled down the ammonia-scented corridors of the Nursing Home in My Future, I hope some really cool, very hip, listens-to-The Clash orderly remembers to tie on my Chucks.


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