maggie is confused

Two days ago, it was sunny and 63.The sun was shining, birds were singing, and Maggie hired some humans to install a fence so that her Domain could remain Un-invaded.  She needs to begin an exercise program, you see. Anyway, this is what Maggie saw two days ago:

Maggie would like to ride shotgun in the Mach6...and she thinks Speed is "dreamy"...

Maggie likes Tulips...they were her mother's favorites.

Below, are images from Her Ladyship’s morning today…it was twenty degrees with the wind-chill, and the Morning Constitutional was…uncomfortable, at best….

okay, this is just sad...
...demonstrating the proper color of snow to be eaten...
...frustrated by the lack of playful spirit in the pine cone...

Maggie confides that she is now hard-pressed indeed to place any stock in the notion of Global Warming.  …I have a smart dog…


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