put some stock in your chicken

If you made the poulet roti, you spent a lot of effort making that bird yummy.  Don’t just trash the carcass…make chicken stock for future recipes…and you’ll feel like such a food snob when you say things like: “Oh, I don’t buy chicken stock anymore.  I make my own!  Its so much better.”  And then people will roll their eyes at you, but that’s okay…

The Stuff You’ll Need: a heavy-bottomed pot big enough to bathe in and two gradually smaller sauciers; tongs; mesh strainer; cheese cloth; ice cube trays

The Grub You’ll Need: the left-over chicken carcass (with all the goodies still inside); three carrots, cut into chunks; three parsnips, cut into chunks; three or four celery hearts, chunked; 1 onion, chunked; about half a bottle of white wine; the other half of the lemon you didn’t use on the chicken; fresh rosemary and thyme.

under all that stuff is the left over poulet roti...trust me, its in there...

What You’ll Do: In your heavy bottomed pot, place the chicken and everything except the wine, then cover it all with cold water.  Boil.  Then reduce the heat and let simmer for at least three hours.  When all the veggies have gone soft and lost a lot of their color (especially the carrots), you’ll know it’s time for the next step.

Turn the heat off and, using the tongs, begin the removal of all the solids: meat, bones, veggies.  I gave the mushy veggies to Maggie and she loved them.  Place the mesh strainer over your next smallest saucier.  Very slowly and carefully, pour the liquid through the strainer.  Simmer this liquid for at least another hour, skimming the top often and NEVER LET IT BOIL OR SCORCH beyond this point.  The liquid in the saucier will reduce by about an inch or so.

After reducing the stock a little, remove the pot from heat and let it cool to room temp.  This will allow you to more thoroughly remove any fat solids from the surface.  While the stock is cooling, poor yourself a little of that wine, because you’re getting ready to use the rest of it…

When the stock is cooled, stretch the cheese cloth over your smaller pot.  Very slowly poor the liquid through the cheesecloth into the pot.  You’ll be amazed at the stuff that strains off…and that’s GOOD.  After straining, add your wine and begin to reduce some more.  This will take a while, but do it slowly.

I found these silicone trays on sale. Notice the stock? All that liquid reduced to about 3 cups.

DO NOT BOIL OR SCORCH.  Continue to skim the surface.  When your stock is a delicious brown color and you’ve got a fraction of the liquid you started with, you’re almost done.  This is the fun part.

if you compare these delicious and nutritious cubes to bullion, I promise, that monster that lives under your bed will wake you with wedgies for a month.

Poor the stock into ice cube trays and let it stand on your counter top until room temp.  Or you can make an icewater bath.  Or you can just let it stand on your counter top.  Pop it in the freezer.  You will now have a supply of home made chicken stock that will make soups and gravies and everything you make taste so awesome,  your friends will beg you to open a restaurant.  But, you know what, don’t do it, because the tax liability is just crazy.


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