…an athlete…

Many adopted children find it frustrating when they go to the doctor as adults; they have little to no idea about their genetic history.  Maggie, being adopted, must have felt a great deal of surprise when she discovered an athletic streak in herself this evening.  While standing still, Her Majesty flexed her hind legs and simply launched herself over a gate.  She landed on the other side and smiled in wonder at her good fortune at having had a kangaroo for a mother.

...demonstrating her relation to the kangaorsed, although she admits, she's never been to Australia in her life...

Maggie wonders about her father a bit, but has resigned herself to simply make up stories about him.  She has decided that her sire was a dashing and brave Military Police K9, and that he looked simply stunning in his uniform.  He didn’t have to join the armed forces because, after all, he is royalty, but he felt a tremendous sense of duty.  Hence, her mother was instantly smitten.

Really, who could blame her?  Everyone loves a man in uniform…


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