meant for mole’ flour tortillas

In San Antonio, on Broadway, there’s a store called Central Market.  Its the snootiest, foodiest, most exotic and metropolitan grocery store I’d ever been to.  White asparagus!  Shocking!  Their cheese section was fantastically stinky; their seafood counter was better than a trip to the zoo.  My kids would beg to go “see the lobsters and slimies”.  Meats from all over, locally grown organic produce, and a bakery that would make Dr. Oz weep.  In front of the bakery was the most interesting contraption that spat out fresh tortillas.  Warm, buttery, soft tortillas…I’ve been missing them.  San Antonio is a great town with lots of free stuff and culture (and an Aveda salon, which I can’t seem to find within two hours of here).  My upstairs neighbor made mole’ that was absolutely to die for; I miss Eugenia.  She was my first real Army Friend and a person just doesn’t forget That Person in their lives.  

So!  To retrieve a small taste of San Antonio and Central Market, I went hunting for a tortilla recipe.  I found lots, but, alas, I was a poor planner and had no baking powder on hand.  Finally, I found the following recipe that didn’t necessarily call for the b.p., only said it was something that “some cooks choose to add”.  I asked the author of the blog where I stole borrowed the recipe and he said it was okay for me to post it here.  He’s a nice guy.  Check out his site.  🙂

Stuff You’ll Need: rolling pin, large mixing bowl or large surface for combining ingredients, griddle or pan of some sort (cast iron anything is always best!)

Grub You’ll Need: 2 cups flour, 2/3 cup warm water, 1/2 tsp salt, 3 Tbsp fat (I used butter; you can use lard or even olive oil or Crisco, I suppose…)

yes. butter. mmmmm....

What You’ll Do: In a nutshell: warm your fat and water until the fat is pretty soft/melted; mix your ingredients slowly, until the flour/salt/water/fat mixture is combined and crumbly.  Do Not Over Work the Dough.  Knead it lightly on a floured surface and then wrap it up in plastic wrap and let it rest.  Leave it Alone.  Do Not Allow the Kids to Play Catch with It.  No No. After an hour, cut the dough ball into pieces, roll it out and cook it on the warmed skillet.  I added a touch of olive oil to my skillet, just because I felt like it.  Be sure you get both sides of the tortillas.

An Option: I made two batches: one with regular salt and another with jalepeno salt.  It was pretty good, but next time I’ll actually chop a pepper, add more salt and maybe some cheese.

Next time I make them, I’ll also add some baking powder.  A little rise would be just perfect…almost as good as Eugenia’s mole’.  


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