sugar cookies and a clean weapon

I had some cookies in the oven while I was cleaning my gun.  The sun was shining, the kids and the dog were playing, it was fantastic.  I had a small epiphany (and no, it didn’t hurt).

Every mom keeps a clean weapon and makes cookies.

No, not every mom keeps a gun or even likes firearms.  Not every mom can bake.  But every mom is prepared to defend her kids and nourish them, too.

If a person has a death wish, all they have to do is threaten a child.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen what happens at the playground when one kid picks on another kid?  Mom #2 adopts a feral hunter-stance, preparing to defend her young and scold the attacker to the point of tears, shame, and possible incontinence; mom #1 rushes out to correct her young, sensing danger afoot and trying to avoid the ugly confrontation.  Kids play, they fight, they make up…mom’s hold grudges and defend to the death.  There may not be any weapons around, but the mother of the Picked Upon will react with deadly ferocity to protect her children.

Some will say, “No, I’m a complete pacifist; I don’t believe in violence.”  blah blah blah…no one believes in violence until they feel that cold tension creep up their spine when they sense a child is in peril.  I dare say, even the most hemp-adorned, granola-munching, yogurt-swilling, tree-hugging socialist will find a way to protect a kiddo.  We can’t help it.

Then there are the cookies; the little things we do for our kids that no one sees.  We keep their beds clean, we sing to them when they are scared, we cheer for their smallest (grandest!) victories.  One mother’s cookies may be a note in a lunch box or a wink just when it’s needed.  Another mother may bake her cookies by reading stories or making sure meals are healthy and tasty.  Some moms coach teams; some moms work two or three jobs to provide a roof and some food and some comfort.  Cookies don’t always have sugar in them…but they are always sweet.

All over the world, in mountain passes, cabins, tents, five-star hotels, and inner city apartments, mothers are cleaning their guns and making their cookies…because its what moms do best.


4 thoughts on “sugar cookies and a clean weapon

  1. I agree completely with you Amy. Even just being pregnant, I find myself being more cautious and more aware/alert of people and hazards around me. I’ve been thinking up all sorts of things that used to make me happy as a kid and writing them down to pass on to my own. I found this to be an uplifting entry…just what I needed today!

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