new photo processing software

This has nothing to do with Maggie, so you may not be interested at all.  She isn’t.  She’s not even amused.

Maggie demonstrating just how not excited she is about my new software.

However, I got some new photo processing software, Aperture 3.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it (after deleting some priceless road trip pictures…but I’m not bitter…)and thought I’d share.

Yes, I have a Mac.  :p

Here’s a pretty cool photo I took in macro.  Check out my Flickr photostream for “originals”.  

I do not believe in “photoshopping” things to death or using HDR in Dune-like fashion- i.e. cropping and pasting until nothing is recognizable or even remotely resembles what went into the lens.  However, every now and then a little “boost” is helpful and fun.  Like wearing eyeliner.  …or a really perky bra…  As in, “Its obvious it doesn’t occur that way in nature, but I’m so interested/amused/distracted/pleased that I don’t care.”  Or as men like to say, “Of course they’re real.  I can see them, can’t I?”  😉

2 thoughts on “new photo processing software

  1. I totally agree with you Amy. I like to convert to black and white, and I do add color back into photos which is fun…and boosting the color every now and then…okay I mostly fool with the coloring, but all in all, I try not to do too much to alter the photos. I like the bra analogy ;-).

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