my day out

Most of  you know that Toy (real name: LaToya) is my best girl-friend.

me and Toy

Toy and I have been friends longer than both of us want to admit… Long enough that we say things like, “Jeeeeez! Remember where we were 13 years ago?”  and “How did we ever survive going out all the time and never eating?” Anyway, since I’ve been more than a little displaced lately, I find myself looking forward to hiding out at Toy’s house on the weekends.  

She and her husband and kiddos live out in the country…actually, I’d call it “the boonies”.  My cell gets no signal out there unless I stand on my head and hold aluminum foil with my toes.  They have three of the world’s largest dogs, one of which is named “Nanna”, like in Peter Pan; Nanna fulfills her name, but the poor dear desperately needs a face lift.  …I’ll have to remember to take her picture next time…what you really need to know is that these three dogs require saddles and their kids really do ride them around the yard.  Good stuff.

...a patriotic neighbor...
a patriotic neighbor

I went out to Toy’s for the brazillionth (that’s a lot, in case you were wondering) weekend and just absorbed the joy of being in the same house as my best friend.  Its been three years since we’ve gotten to stare at each other and giggle and eat cookie dough and watch scary (stressful) movies.  Toy has a bed the size of Rhode Island and since her husband was gone to fire station, I got to snug down with a few of her 90 pillows she keeps.  I listened to the bugs (whoever said the country is quiet has never been there) and fell asleep knowing our kids were happy and played out and I’d get to have another day with my friend when I woke up.

When her husband came home the next morning, I decided to go for a little jog.  There’s a five+ mile loop that has some killer hills and some killer scenery.

the Finley River

While I was jogging/running/walking/shuffling along I noticed the following:

a) you can hear peacocks from a long way off

b) you can smell dead stuff from a long way off

barn cats

c) you can’t see lizards until you’re about to step on them and they suddenly skitter away; you fall down…you feel silly for cursing at the cow watching the whole thing in disgust.

laugh it up, fuzz ball...laugh it up...

d) Kara Goucher, I ain’t.  Revelation: I’m perfectly okay with that.  I have two legs, two lungs with all five lobes intact and (so far) everything works as it should.

I was out for long while; I ended up covering about 8 miles and it was fantastic.  I wrote books, built skyscrapers, and saved the polar bears in my head as I listened to the sound of my own feet hit blacktop, gravel, and weeds.

a hill around Toy's house...yes, its that steep

Toy, her Jim, and the kids were chilled out when I got back.  Warm fuzzy moment: I realized that I don’t knock on the door when I get to Toy’s…I’m already home, so I just walk on in and there she is: my best girl friend.

Thanks, Toy.  Love ya, babe.


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