good times

Life has been pretty sweet lately.  Laura is still in remission.  (!)  My kids are out of school for the summer.

…and my husband is making my world a little brighter…

We went out to Jim and Toy’s for a few days.  The guys went kayaking and my hubby practiced “eskimo rolls” and “falling in the mud on his back side.”  The kids got in the water hose, found critters, and slept like happy little logs.  

I cooked.  😀

I made herbed butter bruschetta, Anthony’s chicken, beef enchaladas, grilled chicken with lime, veggie kabobs and grilled fruit kabobs.

Jim made coffee and manned the grill.  Literally.  It was Man Purdy, as my dad says.

My husband made the kids (and the adults) very happy by helping them make a peach dump cake.  A box of cake mix for 79 cents and the undivided attention from an adult…  🙂   they were happy kids, indeed…

Soon it will be time to leave Missouri and go “home” to North Carolina.  I’ve come to realize that Home is Where Your Spatula Rests.  For now, my spatula is at Toy’s; she’s let me invade her kitchen, soil her oven, and set off her smoke detectors.  Thanks, Toy.  🙂  I’ll miss you and your kitchen and your piece of the world.  I hope you get to visit my place soon; I’ll take you to the beach and feed you.  ‘Cause, you know…life is pretty sweet…   🙂


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