a very sharp slicey thingy

My good friend Jim Lane made a knife for me.  He owns Rock Farm Knives (see the blog roll) and he rocks at making implements that will either slice stuff, make you bleed, or both.  If you don’t respect the blade, you’ll probably end up bleeding…

I have no idea how he made it, even though he explained it to me in great detail.  What I do remember, however, goes something like this:

the handle...fantastic grip!

big hunk of metal






Yep.  That’s about what I remember.  So now I have this knife that looks like something out of a Fairy Tale and I used it to slice some stuff the other night.  I did not bleed.  Go me!

the broad side of the blade

What you need to know is that I love this knife, it is perfect for my little hands, and slices like a Senator through a budget.

the end of the knife is squared and just as sharp as the long blade...

Buy a Rock Farm Knife.  Cut Stuff.  You’ll be glad you did.


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