tie goat here…

“People won’t know where to get your goat if you don’t tell them where you tied it up.”

Another small historical nugget:

Iranians supposedly have a lot of anger at the US and Britain because we “installed the Shah” in 1953 and he turned out to be an oppressive jerk.  Its true, Iran had been a pawn between the US, Britain, and Russia since before WWI (when Iran was called Persia).  I’m sure the Persians didn’t like the fact that their country was oil-rich and at a cross-roads for major world conflicts.  “In 1951, the Iranian Parliament voted to nationalize their oil industry.” (Roskin, 2009).  Britain didn’t like that, (because Britain forgot the sun did set on the Empire) so they thought they’d oust that leadership and install a different shah.  Truman didn’t think it was a good idea, but Ike did.  Ike didn’t want the communists to take over the Iranian oil supply.  Ike had issues with communists.  So the CIA rolls into town with a million bucks in a bag, the assistance of British intelligence officers as well as Iranian officials, and instigates revolution in the streets.

*poof*…there’s a new Shah in Town.

Turns out he was oppressive and spoiled and nasty and his people hated him.  Enter the Revolution of 1979, the Ayatollah Komeini is on the scene, advocating terrorism against American interests, and Iran is even more strongly aligned with Shia Muslims.  (according to Roskin, Sunni Muslims think Shia Muslims are “extremist, mystic, and crazy”.  …just throwing that out there…since I’ve never met any to ask, all I have is a few dozen books that say about the same thing…)

Points to consider:

1) an Iranian army officer approached the British intelligence office and suggested a coup

2) the CIA walked in with $1million and took over a country


A million bucks to overthrow an oil rich nation?  All by itself?  Even in 1953, a million dollars wasn’t that impressive…maybe $15-20million today.

The streets of Iran were full of people revolting and demanding change.

catch that?


If George Washington had turned out to be a cad, could we blame France?  I mean, they helped us.  They provided soldiers and weapons to aid us in our fight.  They didn’t like Britain any more than we did.

…I’m not saying the US and Britain didn’t act out of selfish motives.  Ike had his Eisenhower Doctrine and there would be no deviating from it; anything to stop Communism.  However, the people of Iran wanted change…the US and Britain helped them.  The shah secularized their society, promoted education, demanded that women uncover their heads, and that the citizens dressed “more western”.  He was a jerk and a modernizing tyrant.  However, Iranians had a theocratic tyrant before and they didn’t like him, either…

From where I sit, a lowly housewife and college student, Iran got what Iran wanted and is now blaming you and me.  Great.  …they’ve got nukes and they don’t exactly like outspoken women…

Perhaps someone should remind Iran of the millions of people rioting in its streets demanding the Shah take power.  They’d had a shah before, like…since 1921 (the Pahlavi Dynasty)…for a country that’s as old as The Islamic Republic of Iran, they sure have a short memory.

…then again, so do we, and our country is only two hundred years old…go figure…

(I wanted to know why Persia became Iran. “iran” means something along the lines of “land of the aryans”.  Yeah.  Aryans.  Like in Hitler. Some bookish type will try to say that it wasn’t in the same context or they “didn’t mean it like that.”  Aryans deny the divinity of Christ, fyi.   …and Reza Shah (the guy in charge during WWII, when Ike was Over There kicking the arss of the Huns) had “open admiration for Hitler’s Aryan Race Propoganda.” …Iran wants Israel “wiped from the face of the map” and we’re supposed to forget the Holocaust??!! “ancient Persian Zoroastrians preached racial purity.” (Roskin, 2009, pg. 545) We’re not that stupid, are we?)

Roskin, M. (2009).  Countries and Concepts.  Pearman, New York.



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