Thomas Keller’s Bouchons

bouchon en Francaise= cork

chocolate in female= life-affirming-goodness

dust the molds or you'll be digging out the goodness with a spoon

I don’t know what his motivation was when Thomas Keller created the recipe for his bouchons. I don’t care. They require three sticks of butter and dark cocoa powder. Make them and find world peace, fix the economy, and save the polar bears. Bouchons fix everything that is wrong with the world.

Bouchons au Chocolat (Thomas Keller)

The Grub You’ll Need:

...a little over-full...

butter & flour for dusting the molds 3/4c flour 1c unsweetened cocoa powder 1tsp kosher salt 3 lg eggs

1 1/2c + 3Tbs granulated sugar 1/2tsp vanilla extract 24Tbs unsalted butter, melted & slightly warm

6oz dark chocolate chips or your favorite chocolate chopped up confectioner’s sugar

The Stuff You’ll Need:

a mixer with paddle attachment or really strong arms and a good spatula molds for the brownies

a will of iron not to lick the bowl (but who’s to tell…)

Maggie begged to lick the bowl, but since its not quite proper for royalty (or dogs), I did the dirty work for her...

What You’ll Do:

1) preheat the oven to 350F. Butter and dust the molds

2) sift together flour, cocoa, and salt

3) cream the sugar and eggs until pale and fluffy; add vanilla extract

4) with mixer still going (slowly!) add 1/3 of dry ingredients, alternating

with 1/3 butter until its all combined

5) fold in the chocolate chips

6) fill the molds about 1/3 or 2/3 full of batter; bake about 20-25 minutes,

depending on the sincerity of your oven and how often you open the door (naughty).

let them rest in the molds for a bit, otherwise they get all mushy like this

7) let them cool in the molds for a bit; dump them out, turn them upside

down, then dust with the confectioner’s sugar.

...they go really, really well with fresh fruit...


Keller, T. (2004). Bouchon. Artisan Publishing, New York; page 284.

enjoy the fruits of your labor with both hands

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