Cashel’s cake

Cashel’s cake, originally uploaded by gopre_gome.

Jim won’t be home for Cashel’s 2nd birthday so we took the “party” to Jim. This is just a bitty store-bought cake, but this little $5 concoction helped us celebrate properly: as a family. After being separated by duty for almost a year, a little lemon tasted pretty darn sweet.

Cashel’s birthday is Friday, August 6th. Two years ago Audrey became a big sister (again) and Will became a big brother (for the first time). Jim caught Cashel after a labor of 18+ hours; I had no epidural, I was really quite loud, and I’m pretty sure the hospital built bleachers to hold all the spectators during the Main Event (none of the Residents had ever witnessed a natural delivery before…I think I may have scared them for life…). Jim did a great job and really made me feel secure. 🙂

I remember all three deliveries like they were yesterday. People say you forget the pain of childbirth, but that’s not exactly true. I remember the pain; it was shocking and almost crippling. However, labor being what it is (the work of bringing forth a child), I remember the relief and the joy just as acutely. I counted fingers and toes; I nursed right away. I nuzzled tiny ears. (I asked for a Schlotzky’s sandwich–thanks, John!)

…I reveled in the miracle of helping to create Life. God truly loves us.

…so on Friday, we will celebrate Cashel’s birthday…and my birth day, too. 🙂


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