jacket weather

I rearranged my cookbooks this evening.  It occurred to me, in proper “Aha! Watson!” fashion, that every time I want to cook something fabulous, I have to pester my very tall and very friendly husband to “Get me that one up there.”

“No, not That one.  The Other one.”    

…and so it goes.

Therefore, in true Modern Housewifery Type and Fashion, I climbed up on the cabinet and rearranged My Stack.  Its a lovely thing to behold.  Its so empowering to play librarian and imagine the wonders hidden within the binds of each tome.  The possibilities are endless…much the same as when a bibliophile strolls into Barnes & Noble and gets that first flush of caffeine and virgin paper.  It’s a scent that goes straight to the brain and “ZING!” you just know you’re going to change the world with whatever you purchase this time.  …but I digress…

The point that I’m trying to make today is that I hate dust jackets.  They look nice, sure, but they slide and slip and generally create havoc when really all I want is to feel the book and hear the spine crack.  The slippery-magazine-ish stuff on the outside messes with my zen.  It pisses me off.

Someday, I may go absolutely Jack Torrance on my library and remove all the dust jackets, cackling wildly as I drop them into the recycle tip.  What a gloriously liberating day that will be!  Oh, Happy Day!

do you SEE the dirty, rotten crease on my Escoffier?? grrrr.....

…until then, I think I’ll just get a new oven mit…

...I think this one's had it...

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