Apple Pie at the Last Minute

I made an apple pie last night after dinner….crust and all.  It was late, around 7pm; that’s not really a good time to start a pie of any kind, especially since the crust usually needs to rest in the fridge for an hour or so.  But I had apples to spare and didn’t feel like putting them up.

The only “recipe” I used was from LaRousse.  “Pate sucree” on page 1087.


this handy book can also serve as a blunt weapon with which to beat ones enemies to death. Its frickin' heavy.


The apples, poor dears, got no such attention.  I dumped sugar, cinnamon, ground cloves, allspice, and grated nutmeg over the top.  …and yes, Mr. Brown, I used freshly grated nutmeg…

The crust wasn’t overly “flaky” but it was sweet which is all I cared about.  I cut out “fall-ish” decorative designs and whah-lah.  Apple pie.  By 830, this is all that was left…


it held! it held! ...Montgomery Scott would be so proud... 😀


“That’ll do, donkey…that’ll do.”

(Thank you, John and Laura Winstead, for the “LaRousse”!)

Montagné, Prosper. Larousse gastronomiqueThe World’s Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia. Edited by Jennifer Harvey Lang. New York: Clarkson      Potter, 2001. Third English edition, page 1087.


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