Honey-roasted heirloom carrots with white truffle oil

The kids and I went grocery-getting to our favorite Snooty Store (Harris Teeter) a few days ago; the kids like it there because they can, in theory, stroll from sample to sample and not require a full dinner later. …I’m a fan of sampling…

Anyway, I picked up some of these jewel-colored carrots in the “Its Organic, Please Pay Through The Nose or Pawn your Choice of Liver Lobe” section of the produce isle. Not being one to part with vital hepatic parts, I agreed to pay with my sniffer. …I should take up a hobby as a Truffle Hound…

I had no idea that carrots could be so pretty.

But I digress. The day after our Victual Vacation, I took my friend Kim to GreenGate Olive Oils (http://www.greengateoliveoils.com/), in Pinehurst. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners this time (so nice!) who sold me two more bottles of Liquid Sunshine: olive oils in “butter” and “white truffle”.

This is Kim. I did know she was this pretty. 🙂

The “butter” oil actually comes from an olive whose oil tastes like butter; this means you can cook with butter and butter-flavored olive oil (recommended mixture for sauteing fish because of the difference in smoking points) and get extra butter flavor! Paula Dean should go to GreenGate and buy that stuff by the trough-full. …might help her cholesterol…

...one of the owners. 🙂 Her back is turned because she's busy providing Wonderful Customer Service. Take note. 🙂

The “white truffle” stuff: well, my Good and Gentle Readers (all two and a half of you), it is simply WOW. I won’t even pretend to describe it because 1) I did only marginally well on the language portion of the SAT and 2) I’m not one of those “full-bodied and jazzy” food writers. The stuff is just good and you need some now. …yes, NOW.

Meanwhile, back to the carrots:

I cleaned them, trimmed them, put them in a pot with onions, honey, kosher salt, and olive oil (plain stuff that comes in a plastic jug). I covered and roasted them at 350F for about 45 minutes which was probably about ten minutes too long. After they rested for fifteen minutes, I plated them with sea salt, white truffle oil, and a spinach chiffonade.

Grey Sea Salt and a ridiculous little spoon that Barbie could use as a punch ladle.

YUM! I served them alongside open-faced cheeseburgers and spinach salad. Since the burgers and salad weren’t as exciting to make as the carrots, there are no pictures. …c’mon…you’ve seen burgers before. 😛

Yes, the glorious color faded, but I think it all soaked in and turned to FLAVOR.

Next time, I’ll add some dried thyme to the honey, shorten the cooking time…and sell a kidney to afford more carrots for a larger serving. 🙂 Cheers!

...the other owner, also providing Customer Service. Yay! 😀

(yes, this post is full of shameless plugs for GreenGate Olive Oils. Its a great little place and I don’t care who knows it. 😉

2 thoughts on “Honey-roasted heirloom carrots with white truffle oil

  1. Several thoughts came to mind as I sat down to read your blog this evening, several of which will reveal my unliterary secrets:

    1. You did have your children with you, each of which is worth at least a gazillion carrots;
    2. “My! What large [breasts I] have!” (Ok, I already knew that.);
    3. Bigguns or not, I really DO like this picture of me. Not because of hair or eyes, or any of the sort, but because I look . . . very simply, relaxed . . . and it makes me smile thinking of “our day”;
    4. Maybe I WILL go ahead and crack the seal on my Whole Fruit Persian Lime or Cinnamon Pear Balsamic prior to the move . . . NO! No! No! . . . MUST. NOT. RISK. LOSS OF POSSIBLE CULLINARY CRACK!;
    5. Yyyep, I like being unfamous much better than infamous (no more FRG for this gal!) . . . but will make exceptions for you my dear dear friend, gladly;
    6. What DOES a truffle taste like?;
    7. Green Gate is a most fabulous place indeed! Aaaalmost as fabulous as the green lawn in front of the Holly where I nearly busted a gut laughing at . . . awwww, I don’t remember (why doesn’t THAT surprise me) . . . and then couldn’t manage to get my arse UP . . . ;
    8. If you “did only marginally well on the language portion of the SAT” I shall NEVER divulge my score . . . oh how I TRY to forget it!;
    9. I do NOT like that photogra . . . arti . . . , whatever that pompas human was that we were given cheap wine from! But I DO like that our photos (yes, your smore than mine) are mounds better than his. Hey, if HE can sell his “works” for THAT, you and I are on our way to m m m mmilllllllions!;
    10. I look forward to one day meeting Laura, Toy, and Toy’s Jim. I know not enough of them, but just that they are special people to and for you;
    10. And last, speaking of millions . . . I do believe that the remaining balance afforded to our day shall be tucked away for a rainy day for me . . . for you . . . no, me . . . yo . . . well, you get the point. Airfare from Dulles to Raleigh, eh, make that Raleigh to Dulles – isn’t UNaffordable . . . hmmm . . . maybe even a train ticket or 5 (plus 4 paws) . . . eh, scratch THAT too . . . a train ticket for a man, his son (who ADORES trains), and his wife (who is teary now – happy for the days spent, the friendship(s) formed in ‘nam, but sad at the thought of leaving them prior to an even NEAR full-fruition/potential). [sigh] . . . [tear] . . . NO! P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E!!! After all, they ARE coming to DC as soon as “Dunnowho” can be made to vaminos! . . . ’cause it’s closer to Missouri anyway . . .
    Muah! 😉

  2. Hey I’m pretty sure heirloom carrots are cheaper in Missouri :-). Now about this olive oil I may have to investigate this culinary miracle you’re boasting about. You know I love olive oil. I fry my chicken in it; Paula Dean would be very upset about this, but I’m willing to risk it. Miss you my dear friend and what did I tell you about using cooking words I do not know.

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