If I’m not back in Five…

Today begins the process of making “that thing that Julie made at the end of Julie & Julia“, and actually, it is kind of scary.  I didn’t understand why Julie would freak out about “boning a duck!” but now that I’ve actually read the recipe and instructions, I get it.  I purchased the unfortunate fowl a few days ago, ordered the trussing needle and truffles from That Grocery Store in the Sky: Amazon.com.  Today, the necessary accessories arrived and I can no longer put off the inevitable.  Tonight I will remove the carcass from the meat of a duck without making the skin look like its been through Chainsaw Massacre…or an episode of “The View.”

A trussing needle is 8″ long, curved, and positively creepy.  I think Dr. Frankenstein is missing an artifact from his display.

the point of a trussing needle

The truffles that arrived today were anticlimactic, at best.  About the size of a large olive, black, and encased in a diminutive jar, they arrived via parcel post with no fanfare whatsoever.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but…these little fungi were not it. 

This dish has been described as “high speed” and “old school” by a chef-type person who would know about such things.  That being said, if you don’t hear from me in five…or…you know what? If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, you can assume that I botched the whole thing and fell on my trussing needle to preserve my honor.  …or that I slipped and fell on the damn thing, in which case, LaToya gets my camera and Audrey gets my jewelry.   


3 thoughts on “If I’m not back in Five…

  1. I have never ate duck. Does it taste like chicken? Slightly joking as chicken doesn’t really taste like turkey but birds of a feather, etc.

    If I wanted to try this I don’t think I would be able to purchase said duck within a 300 mile radius. Unless I stalk some guys in camo with quackers around duck season. I will be thinking about you around my 12th hour…hoping you are successful at the deboning of Daffy. Hoping that either way, I get to read a wonderful description of the whole affair tomorrow….

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