remind me, again…?


While out at Harris Teeter yesterday, I spent way too long in the cheese/butter/weird meat department.  I purchased $6 butter.  It’s good, don’t get me wrong, however, like Vincent Vega and his $5 shake, I need more convincing that this stuff is worth $6.

Plus, you know, all the nasty carbon-y foot prints this little block of Sliced Gold left from its “Rocky Road to Dublin” (insert super-catchy Irish jig here).  Al Gore is somewhere shaking his paunch at the inconvenience of this truth.

I expect a nasty-gram from Bono any minute: “You know, there, lass, this was a commmpletely unnecessary food parchase given the state off things in the Ganges Rivar Basin.  Yooo should  be smartly ashamed.”

Yes.  Very good.  Ashamed. (hangs head in sorrow and regret at letting Bono down).

Oh, yeah!  🙂   Now I remember.

I bought it because it’s shiny.

TOtally worth six quid.

And, for your information, BONO (air quotation marks with sarcasm), I bought IRISH butter.  Show some farkin’ gratitude.  ;P

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