“we have the technology…we can rebuild it…”

Le Canard.  The Duck.  My current and formidable foe.  I will best the dastardly quacker.

le canard: still with the bones

I have made the forcemeat (en Francaise: farce) for the filling.

sea salt (fleur de sel) and garlic (ail) mashed on the back of a spoon. Fantastic!
the kneading hook on my stand mixer did an adequate job, but next time I will use the paddle attachment

The recipe called for veal (veau), but darned if I could find any, ground or otherwise.  SO: I used very lean, very tender ground beef.  The other substitution I had to make was Burgundy wine for the Port, as was called for.  We’ll see how the purple stuff works out.

The resident meat has been cubed, flavored with minced truffles, salt, and pepper.  The pastry that will create the croute portion of the pate de canard en croute is also resting, snug in a blanket of waxed paper in the fridge.

the pastry
duck skin and forcemeat

Tonight I will build the recipe to completion.  I will truss, I will fold and brown and bake.

I have the technology.  I will rebuild it.

reducing the wine...ooooh....prrreeeettyyyyy....

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