An Open Letter

I have learned that I am not a fan of le canard. Duck is fine, I’m sure, but my palate is just too unrefined for such…things. I did, however, have all kinds of fun making this thing and it was so fun to have Jim in the kitchen with me. Jim took the majority of the pics for this entry, so if you see him, give him an “attaboy”.

Eating this was a lot like senior prom: you spend days getting ready, making sure all the necessary accessories are within easy reach. Then the day of the dance, you primp, you get all dolled up and sweet-smelling. You dance, you laugh, you go eat at a fancy restaurant…and the serving is so small or unpalatable that you end up in the drive-thru at Taco Bell, still wearing your corsage.

after trussing, brown the skin slowly and thoroughly
stuffed up, trussed up, and nowhere to go...
encasing the browned (and still trussed) galantine in the crust
the blimp's view

the garnish for the top
the finished product, plated with some of the garnish

I worked so hard to make this and had such high hopes.

I didn’t like it.

I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before I went to bed, just so my stomach would shut-up.

The kitchen was a fun place to be while all this was going on…and BoonDock Saints 2 was playing in the background. 😉 (don’t judge: this was a French dish; I had to balance the thing out somehow and giggling, violent Irish twins seems the finest way to do that.)

me, pressing doughy leaves 😉

It’s not the recipe’s fault that I didn’t like this dish. …I think the quote of the day came from Jim who said, “Nobody ever said the French were right.”

Yeah. I’ll go with that.

I felt incredibly brave for trying to make such a thing. My daughter said it was cool to see what Julie made in the movie “for real”, but was perplexed as why everyone in the movie said it was “so good”. …I was more than a little perplexed, too, but then I remembered that all those people in the roof-top picnic were PAID to eat something that was supposed to be this dish. If they’d had to eat the real thing, there’s no telling how much more money their laywers would’ve demanded from Nora Ephrom.

Maggie liked it just fine, so it wasn’t a total waste, I guess.

I am so glad I made this. I learned to remove the bones without tearing the skin, I learned to truss, I learned about truffles and I learned that I’ll have to wait way too long for the next BoonDock Saints movie.

So, my friends, cook and play and dance and watch bloody/funny movies…Life is too short not to at least attempt something Hollywood Wonderful.

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