Beef and Guinness Stew

Beef and Guinness Stew is exactly like boeuf bourguignon except 1) its way easier to say, 2) if you’re a dude, you don’t feel like such a wimp while you say it, 3) its made with Guinness (one for the stew, one for the cook…) instead of wine, hence, much more Joe the Plumber-ish, and 4) you add potatoes.

a gansey-load of stew

Otherwise, its the same process. and its so bleeding deadly, you’ll be acting the maggot to score another tip o’the Black Stuff…and that’s no blarney.  So, next time you’re busier than a blue-arsed fly, don’t be a bogtrotter or a muck savage.  Fix your family a flahulach of stew that’s not murder to the galley.

…heeheeeheeee….I said “bogtrotter”…that’s just funny…  


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