potato and leek soup: hangover soup from Heaven

This is so easy, you can make it when you’re hungover.  Frommmm…too many wine-y pears, for instance.  

Not that I would know.

The Grub You’ll Need: a pound of diced potatoes (I don’t peel mine), three cups of finely sliced leeks, some water, some heavy cream (about a cup…maybe cup and a half), salt and pepper.

…a word (or lots) about leeks: I’d never tried them before, or even heard of them before I read The Cook and the Gardner by Amanda Hesser.  If you have access to this book, read it.  It’s wonderful and will make you run out and hug your local farmer.  🙂  Anyway, leeks taste a little bit like buttery onions.  When you slice off the roots and the tough green tops (save those…you can use them to wrap bouquets garni), you’ll be left with a tube-ish thing.  Slice it length wise.  Wash under running water, splaying the layers “like a deck of cards” and then soak them for a while to get all the dirt out.  Leeks are cheap and I intend to buy them again for my soups and even cold salads.

leeks...be sure you wash them after you trim the roots and tough tops.

The Equipment You’ll Need: a big pot, something to stir it with, the visual acuity to not slice your fingers off, and a potato masher or fork.

leeks...the tough tops
the green are the sliced leeks...and if you leave the skins on your taters, your mother will be so proud...

What You’ll Do: add the potatoes and leeks to the pot.  Cover with water.  Boil.  Then simmer for about 45 minutes.  After simmering, mush them up with your choice of musher.  Add the cream, salt and pepper and let the cream warm through…about fifteen minutes.  Serve it up with cheddar biscuits (because, lets face it, there’s just not enough starch in here) and cold milk.  Hangover: GONE.

This is soooo much better than it sounds.  I was surprised by how truly satisfying it is, considering I am a devout carnivore.  It was originally going to be just something to try, an experiment to go on the side of dinner…turned out, one bowl of this left even my husband stuffed.  Plus, your vegetarian friends, who might also happen to be hungover and still on your couch or floor will be able to eat it.  Not the vegan friends, but really, do vegans get drunk??  I’ve never met a drunk vegan…

Leeks and Leaks: two words which here have completely different meanings.

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