not-so-sweet marshmallow fluff

According to my sister-in-law, Shannon, marshmallow fluff is it’s own food group.  And capitalized.  With an exclamation point.


To make Fluff! use your favorite divinity recipe with one modification: instead of heating your syrup to “hard ball stage” on your candy thermometer, only go as high as “soft ball stage”.  There are temperatures to go along with these stages, but really, I like the names better and you can test them out even if you don’t have a thermometer.  (a small bowl of ice water will do the trick…)

The Love of Fluff! must be genetic because my husband, once he discovered I could make the stuff on a whim, began to keep the house steadily stocked with egg(whites), sugar, and light corn syrup.  He also hovers a lot.

I had a ton of syrup left over from putting up some Moscato Pears last week, so I decided to Experiment.  This led to both joy and …disappointment.

the leftover syrup. pretty and cinnamon-y...

Joy: adding Moscato/ginger/cinnamon syrup to Fluff! is tasty.  It’s not so sweet that it makes your teeth scream, so it accompanies other sweet things very well: apple pie, cinnamon rolls, and the like.

Disappointment: its not so sweet as to make your teeth scream.  Apparently, this is part of the Mystical Experience that is Fluff!

…and now you know.

Grandma’s (Modified) Recipe for Fluff!

Syrup: one cup Moscato wine, two cups sugar, one cup light corn syrup; heat until soft ball stage. (when a small spoonful is dropped into ice water, it does not crack when you squeeze it.  It’s sticky…and yes, you have to get your fingers wet.)

two egg whites, room temperature, beaten with a wire whip until stiff peaks form.

sssllllloooowwwwllllyyyy poor the syrup into the egg whites while the mixer is still going.  Keep whipping until the mixture is glossy…then keep keep going just barely beyond that, when the gloss has turned to a slight sheen.  Not Charlie Sheen.  That would smell funny and cost you your room deposit.  …just a little shiny, that’s all.

this is not a stiff peak

Poof!  You have created fluff.  Not Fluff! because your teeth won’t hurt (the wine tones it down a lot) but fluff none the less.

If you want to make regular Fluff!, add water instead of wine and mix in a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your egg whites.  A fun flavor to try for the holidays is mint, as well.  That would make for some mighty fine hot chocolate.

…it would also make for a mighty fine trip to the dentist’s office, but Fluff! is so very, very worth it.

where's my tooth brush?...

5 thoughts on “not-so-sweet marshmallow fluff

  1. This a cool blog but your photos are outstanding! Well done, through those pics I can almost smell the yummy goodness.

  2. It’s true. I do hold Fluff! in its own delicious food group. I find that Fluff! makes the world a better place. That and palm trees. 🙂

    And now I’m going to have to go try this recipe…

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