opinions are like…

…life insurance policies: not every one has one, but every one should.

The elections have come and gone, yet the nastiness and vitriol that I see on message boards and FaceBook comments are absolutely vomit-inducing.  Since there are so many out there willing to cram their opinions down your throat and mine, I thought I’d offer another voice to the choir of  “Killer Angels.”

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican or Party for the Betterment of the Wildebeasts.  I don’t care if you don’t like that I am an anachronistic Reagan Republican trapped in a body that sometimes says things like, “Dude.  You should just get a tattoo and chillax.  Please pass the hot-sauce and the ammo.”

this is a random picture of a sock monkey hat.

Heck, I will probably even try to tell you a joke that you don’t think is very damned funny.

(Did you hear the one about…oh, never mind.)

If its okay for you to not like me and the things that I say, then that also means I don’t have to like you or what you say, either.

It’s called “a democratic republic” and it works when everyone acts like an adult.

Isn’t it cool?  The Constitution says it’s okay if we don’t agree.  We just have to not pee in each other’s sand box.

However, when people keep their mouths shut in the face of injustice and bullying and nothing but head-shaking, apathy, or shoulder shrugging comes out, well, what we have then is The Three Stooges in Tianamen Square.

You DO remember the image of that student standing in front of a tank, right?  Please tell you haven’t forgotten what happens when government gets so big for its britches that it feels the need to mow over its own citizens with a wheeled and armored weapon.  …because if you forget, Heaven help us all.  If you forget the arial view of that lone student getting mowed over and the bloody grease stain left behind, well, then…hang up your chaps and button up your lips.

I dare you to try to shut me up.

I have a small band of Heroic Big Brothers and Sisters, heavily armed and willing to sacrifice themselves so that I don’t have to shut up.

Happy Birthday, Marine Corps.  Thanks for allowing me to have a say.

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