cinnamon French toast…with a kick

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The family and I went to our local Greeeezzzyyy Spoon and had breakfast last weekend.  …you remember…Marathon Weekend…which turned out to be Half-Marathon Weekend….but I digress…

We had Cinnamon French Toast and it was good enough that we went back a second time, ordered the same thing, and began to dissect the ingredients so we could make it at home.



“Nutmeg.  …confectioner’s sugar?”

“I need coffee.

…and so it went, until we figured it out.  The result was this morning’s Most Awesomest French Toast Ever.  The recipe follows…Thank Jim.  🙂

The Stuff You’ll Need:

an incredibly handsome and useful husband to cook it for you

a skillet, non-stick; spatula; bowl to mix the custard; lots of coffee to sip while you watch aforementioned incredibly handsome and useful husband.

cookie sheet; small, metal cooling racks.  Place the cooling racks on the cookie sheets and set aside.

The Grub You’ll Need:

store-bought (I know…I know…)cinnamon-swirl bread (there are five of us, so an entire loaf was consumed…mostly by the kids…mostly); 5 eggs; lots of ground cinnamon; nutmeg; 1/2c granulated sugar; cream; olive oil (Jim used Butter from Green Gate Olive Oils)

for the icing (because, honestly: icing before noon just makes all kinds of sense): 1 cup powdered sugar, 2 Tbsp warm water (plus extra, depending on the consistency you prefer), 2 tsp really good vanilla extract

What You’ll Do:

heat oven to 200F

whisk eggs, 2 Tbsp cream, a whole pant-load of cinnamon, the granulated sugar, and some nutmeg together.  Whisk.  Whisk.  Whisk some more.

Dredge (“Oh, Dredger!”) each piece of bread through the egg mixture.  (HINT: if you toast your bread and let it cool first, it will be drier and soak up more of the Good Stuff).  Brown the toast on both sides in a pan slightly coated with Butter olive oil or…if you must…butter.

But Don’t Let Me Catch You Using Fake Butter.  I will frown at you from afar.  …and you will be sad.  I guarantee it.

As the toast comes out of the pan, place it on the cooling racks/cookie sheets and then stash them in the warm oven.  This serves two purposes: keeps the toast warm (cold French toast=ick) and also helps to ensure the centers get nice and done/dry.

When you’re all done, please don’t forget the toast in the oven.

That would make Less-Than-Awesome French Toast.  ;(

For the icing: whisk the confectioner’s sugar, water, and vanilla together until well combined and not lumpy.  Like I said, add more water (or cream if you feel snarky) until its the consistency your family prefers.

Jim served his toast with some Cinnamon Butter I had snagged from Great Harvest Bread Co. in Fayetteville.  It was tasty!

If you’re feeling really adventurous (and we were) you can make a reduction from some Espresso Balsamic from Green Gate Olive Oils.  It’s tart and (obviously) tastes of espresso; it cuts nicely through all the sweet (SWEET!) icing and bread.

You just go on with your Bad-Foodie-Experimenting Self!


6 thoughts on “cinnamon French toast…with a kick

  1. I just made this on Saturday! Yum, yum. I used Great Harvest Cinnamon Chip bread and I was told by a guest “this is the BEST French Toast I’ve EVER had…” Wow, I’ll definitely make this again. I also added a drop of vanilla and a shake or two of cinnamon in the egg batter. Thanks for sharing!

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