on waiting with joy and other Advent stuff

Happy Advent!  ‘Tis the season to wait joyfully for the coming of our Savior, both in remembrance of the Christ Child (’cause, you know…He did grow up and all) and as the Lord of the Universe “Who will come again in Glory to judge the Living and the Dead and His Kingdom will have No End.”

If you’re a super-devout Catholic, your Christmas tree is still in it’s box (until December 24th and you’ve driven the kids to require therapy) and there are no lights (unless they’re purple) on the outside of your house (and your neighbors make funny faces when they wave at you).  If you’re not a stickler, your tree is up (or about to be) and you are okay with that (until the 2-year old tries to eat the lights)…either way, I don’t think Jesus particularly cares how you decorate your house.  …although He’d probably give Clark Griswold a High-Five…

Purple is the Liturgical color right now.  Purple is for penance.  Advent isn’t as sorrowful as Lent, but we’re supposed to examine our conscious just the same.  Most parishes have the lights turned down lower, the Church’s wreath is featured prominently on the altar…  The third week, Gaudete Sunday, is pink; this is supposed to remind us that while we are in the midst of The Waiting, we should continue to be joyful because…well…there’s a Light at the end of the tunnel.  Slowly, as we get closer to Christmas, the lights become brighter and more numerous, illustrating The Light of the World is on His Way.

…no, not Santa…  😛

This is a coffee cup that My Hubby made for me before he left on his year-long Field Trip last year. It was the only thing I could find that had both pink and purple so close together. Don't judge, mkay? It's a great little mug.

In our house, the Tree will go up, but instead of calling it a Christmas tree (’cause that’s soooo mainstream) we’re calling it the Jesse tree.  The kids will make ornaments, one each day, to coincide with a Bible verse which will illustrate Christ’s lineage (back to the tribe of Jesse…which is why it’s called a Jesse tree..) We’ll light a purple (or pink) candle every night at dinner, I’ll read an abbreviated (i.e. child-friendly) version of the Scripture of the day, the kids will color, and along the way they’ll learn that Jesus had relatives, too.  …and some of them were nuttier and more murderous at times than ours…

Kind of warms the heart, doesn’t it?

In news that is completely unrelated: I’ve started a Money Jar for TAPS and Fisher House.  Every time I go out for a run, I find money.  Mostly pennies.  My husband finds them, too.  Into the Money Jar the coins will go and when it gets full, I’ll total it up and send half to each charity.  My first day out, though, after I’d announced my SuperCool Plan, I found a quarter!

So, like the Little Engine That Could, I’m collecting pennies, one at a time, to help The Heroes and Their Families.  The Bataan Memorial Death March just happens to occur during Lent…when the Liturgical color will once again be purple.

Happy candle-lighting everyone!  …keep the fire-extiguishers handy…


One thought on “on waiting with joy and other Advent stuff

  1. Ahhhhh . . . the Hanging of the Greens (well, at least my version of the Jesse Tree). I have some neat pics (more memory-filled than good) from last year’s HOTG from our home church. Why is it that we, your faithful followers, are not able to post pictures along with our reply posts? 🙂 (Naturally, they wouldn’t be as good as yours, nor should they be any larger than a decent thumb-nail, but just a thought).
    Anywho, I like Jim’s mug! . . . and quarters too!

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