ooh…it’s pretty…

I went to TJ Maxx today.  I loves me some TJ Maxx; that’s where I get all of my sea salts and truffles and saffron and weird pancake syrups.  I went there with the intention of getting salts.  Which I did.  Two of them.  …but I also got this! (insert Price Is Right theme here):

A NEW POT! Tell us about it, Rod!

Oh, yeah.  Rod died.

Well, anyway, its heavy, white, 6 quarts, and enamel.

…aren’t you excited?!


Well…the original price as quoted by Mr. Maxx was $130.  I paid $60.

I KNOW you’re jazzed!

And now a word from Our Sponsor.  BUTTER.

this is a random picture of butter.

…mmmmmmkay, well, that’s it for now.  Check out this link for a new fudge recipe I made for Green Gate.  It’s…um…interesting. Cheers!

And don’t hate me because my pot is beautiful.  🙂

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