Do Not Attempt at Home


_C023573a, originally uploaded by gopre_gome.

I took this picture two days ago; I’ve passed by this pond for nearly a year now, always intending to stop, always thinking, “Wow, that’s pretty! I should take a picture of that.”

The problem? This is the view from the highway, wherein cars travel at speeds above 70mph. The speed limit is 55, but seeing as how Rockingham Speedway (The Rock) is just up the road, I think everyone believes they are in some sort of Race Car Training. …not exactly safe

So I said to myself, “Self , …screw it. Take the damned picture.”

So Self did. Self pulled over, about fifty yards past this view because this view is also from a bridge with about ———- this much space between the rail and traffic. Self stopped in the grass, hazards a-blinking, and waited for a lull in the traffic hurtling itself toward my face.

As I was walking on the side of the road, facing traffic, I tried to pull off the “Look at my huge camera, I’m totally a photographer and not a serial killer looking to make you stop or die in traffic so please just change lanes and don’t make me a crunchy grease stain on the blacktop thanks” image, but I don’t think it worked.

Anyway, I snapped the shutter open twice and this is one of the images I snagged before a huge tractor trailer loaded with chickens (“Do the chickens have razor sharp talons?” “Boy, I don’t even know what you just said.”) rounded the bend.

I was rewarded for my efforts with a nasty spraying of doomed chicken feathers.

…at least I got the picture, though. …finally… 🙂


On a completely different and way more significant note, click here to read an article on an amazing soldier that I’ve been blessed to get to know.  He’s a hero, his wife is flipping awesome!.  and he makes great blendy drinks, too.  Have you seen Band of Brothers? …then read this and read it now.  You’ll be so very glad you did.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Attempt at Home

  1. Hey Amy I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic!!! Hey look a chicken, I can finally say that to someone else. What a surprise to see a link to Mark! WOOT for my baby! Missing you Huge!

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