Zombies are real and I’ve seen them.

So have you, if you think about it.

Scene: Grocery store, dairy section.  You walk up, grab a dozen eggs and check them.  Out of the corner of your eye you see a person looking at milk.  You put the eggs in your cart and that person is still looking at the milk.  They don’t move.  They are in their pajamas; they haven’t combed their hair.  They are wearing dirty slippers.  A vacant, unblinking, and sorrowful expression is on their face.  On the cereal isle, you see a woman standing silently, gazing up at the wall of cartoon-festooned boxes while her children screech and cry and reach for affection…and there she stands: sloppy, unmotivated, unseeing.  Leaving the store, you hear the familiar ringing of the charity bells.  You’re almost about to drop in change from the register, when you see that the bell-ringer is unsmiling, disheveled, moving robotically.  This creeps you out and you scurry to your car, noticing your fellow human beings moving so slowly, you wonder if they’re actually trying to get themselves squished.

Scene: Restaurant, center table.  You’re enjoying a dinner with your family, sharing stories about the day.  You notice the couple seated just behind your spouse.  The couple isn’t speaking, they don’t smile or make eye contact with one another.  They move their forks toward their open mouths, but they do not savor the food.  Chewing and swallowing mechanically, the seem…asleep…comatose.

I like a good zombie movie as much (more) than the next gal, but this is just getting freaky.

You say, “What?  You’re crazy.  Nobody’s eating people.  There aren’t undead, gross, and gut-gaping sleep-walkers roaming the streets at all hours of the day and night.”


Movies always make a caricature out of reality.  The evening news is horrifying: mothers chopping up their babies or cooking them in the microwave, fathers throwing their baby daughters off of bridges, grown men doing unspeakable acts to children…

If you will admit to yourself that you’ve seen the soulless, the heartless, the truly lazy and uncaring, the thoughtless, and the cruel, then you must also admit this: zombies are among us.

3 thoughts on “Zombies

  1. Amen, preach it sister! Not only are they among us, I am convinced that they occupy elected positions, Pelosi…need I say more?

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