…while we’re on the subject…

While on the highway today we saw…

…are you ready for this?…
(maniacally giggles behind cupped fingers)

A zombie car.

I know, I know, I felt totally lucky to have witnessed this mass of rolling undeadness. I wish you could’ve seen it.

Mercedes. Late 80’s. White…ish. The hood was gone, so the car’s guts were visible, whirring, and steaming. The right fender was dead-fish-gray. The antennae had been transplanted with a wire hanger…bent and twisted like an old gypsy’s hand. The driver’s seat was broken backward so as to resemble a discarded LazyBoy. The driver, bless her and her pink curlers, had piled caseless pillows behind her to support her back. The steering wheel was silver…with duct tape. The dash was cracked, the bumper was roped into place.

I got a good look at this car because it passed us.

Zombie Car could move along.

Which brings me to my point. (and you thought I didn’t have one. Sheesh. Have some faith.). Zombies may be dead and ugly but they will over take you if you are too busy playing with the radio to see what’s going on around you.

Stay aware. Stay alive. Stay non-zombie.


2 thoughts on “…while we’re on the subject…

  1. Two comments:
    1) My oh my . . . where IS one’s camera when you REALLY need it?!
    2) You’re not convincing me . . . I still say “trash!”

    1. Oh, dearest Kim. I miss you. 🙂
      1) aforementioned piece of photographic necessity was all the way in the back. Seriously. Derrr….
      2) that’s the point. The “trash”, the lazy, the cruel, the intentionally ignorant are the zombies. …as well as people who vote straight ticket and don’t pay attention to or get involved with the politics that govern us all. …and Cher. Cher has to live on the flesh of others, don’t you think?
      3) the car was so cool. 🙂
      4) yes, I really am waiting for The Real Zombie Apocolypse. …isn’t everyone? (she asks with concern and innocence while ensuring there’s a round in the chamber).


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