Not Much. In a Good Way.

It’s really kind of nice to not have anything profound to write about. My mother-in-law has been making the most comforting and wonderful meals and shoo’s me away from doing dishes. My brothers-, sisters-, and father-in-law have been playing with the kids. I am left to…enjoy being home. 🙂

On Sunday we all sat around the lake-sized dining table and looked at old photographs…I don’t know when i’ve laughed so hard or felt so…warm. :). Family is like that favorite, well-worn quilt that not everyone is blessed to have, but if they did the world would be so much better.

I don’t know if it really will snow for Christmas as my daughter hopes…I’m fairly certain the Weather Man doesn’t know either. That’s just another wonderful surprise waiting for us.

The shopping is all done. I canned pears and spicy apples and wine syrups, enough to rot teeth and induce sugar-spin for quite a while. Those are the things I look forward to giving the most…cute little jars with a bit of cloth under the ring. Homey and folksy and cozy things. Our store-bought gifts, the few that weren’t purchased from (that glorious mall in the sky), are extra special this year because my husband is home and shopped with me. …we held hands and told jokes and I hope people can feel some of our joy when they unwrap their goodies.

I didn’t watch the lunar eclipse last night. I’m probably supposed to whine about how guilty I feel for missing such an event. I don’t feel guilty, though, because I was snugged down with my whole little family is one room with heavy blankets and soft pillows. Eclipse…bah.

Well, for not having much to say, I’ve rambled on, haven’t I?

Merry Christmas, gentle reader. I wish you warm blankets, comfy chairs, and extra marshmallows in your hot-chocolate.

Soft-sweater hugs and peppermint kisses,



2 thoughts on “Not Much. In a Good Way.

  1. And here I am alllll happy about Christmas, finally feeling in the spirit of things, and then I come and read your blog, and I miss you even more. [sigh]. But hearing about heavy blankets, you being home and enjoying yourself, holding hands while shopping with the hubs, makes me all warm and fuzzy. Miss you. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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