…on quilts…

My Great-Grandma Dolly “finished with her Earth suit” (as my daughter says) a few years ago.  Gramma Dolly was so crafty and talented, she could’ve made Martha Stewart stutter and hide in a corner.  She owned a restaurant, crocheted, knitted, sewed clothes and quilts…and was mean enough to make Gunnery SGT Hartman stutter and hide in a corner.  She said things like “hamburder” and “KMarks”.  She swore at her little poodles the way sailors swear at a storm cloud.  …she’d also give me vanilla ice-cream and peanut butter at ten o’clock at night and let me watch “Tales from the DarkSide”.

Gramma Dolly left behind barrels full of projects,

a barrel and heap of quilting squares

all in varying stages of completion.  My mom did not inherit the “craft” gene.  I got that one; because I got the Make Martha Steward Weep gene, I also got some of her stuff.  …I have to say, though, as far as I can tell, Martha Stewart’s tears are pretty safe from me…

this quilt is all pieced...just needs some stuffing, a back, and a border. 🙂

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