Brinner Pie

Brinner= Breakfast for Dinner

:a term which here means: a meal that is fast, easy, and tasty enough for a picky two year old.

What follows is Brinner Pie, not to be confused with quiche, which is a lovely and ethereal dish that takes some effort.  Brinner Pie takes no effort, and is as far from ethereal as is Detroit.  This dish is gritty, filling, and easy.  This is a meal for the lazy, the over-worked, over-stressed, the under-chocolated, and those who just don’t give a rip what’s for dinner as long as it fills bellies.

I hate to tell you, but it’s not all that bad for you, either.  I used cheap bread (because I had some for a recipe for croutons), turkey bacon, and spinach.  Isn’t it grand?  You can be lazy at the same time you’re pumping your brood full of nutrition, too.  Brinner ROCKS!

Brinner Pie

The Stuff You’ll Need: a toaster, a pie dish of some sort, some non-stick cooking spray or parchment paper, a skillet, a knife, a cutting board

The Grub You’ll Need: 6-8 eggs, depending on how hungry your family is, six rashers of your favorite bacon (you can also use ham, sausage, or any other meat you’ve got on hand), about 1/2c chopped onions (of any variety), 1/2c finely chopped spinach (or broccoli, or carrots, or…), a teaspoon of your favorite seasoning (I used Dill, but herbs or even spicy creole would be good), 1/2c plain yogurt (or cream or milk), four slices of bread or 6-8 biscuits.

What You’ll Do:

Preheat oven to 350F; line or spray your pie dish, set aside.

1) toast your bread.  I used the oven because it was already on and I didn’t feel motivated enough to get out my toaster.  If you’re using biscuits or other thick bread, you’ll probably have to use the oven, unless you have an uber toaster, in which case, I don’t want to talk to you any more.  (toaster envy can be so ugly.)  After the bread is good and crumbly, tear it up and toss it in the pie dish as evenly as you can.  It doesn’t have to be pretty.  …in point of fact, it really shouldn’t be.  Have your kids do this part, if you want.

torn bread and onions

2) chop your veggies while you cook the meat you’ve chosen to use.  After the meat is done cooking, toss your onions into the same pan to get all that wonderful fond off the bottom.  While your onions are sweating in the pan, chop the meat.  After the onions are all wonderful and meaty/sweaty/yummy, sprinkle them directly onto your bread in the pie dish.  This will help to flavor what will be the crust.

chopped turkey bacon

3) whisk the eggs and dairy product until they are well mixed and just a little frothy.  Add the other veggies, meat, and whisk some more until everything in the bowl is getting along nicely.

the egg mixture, poured onto the bread/onion base

Pour this  mixture over the bread/onion base in your pie dish and bake it for 30-45 minutes, depending on your dish, your oven, your pie dish, and the stock market. …just be sure it’s done.

4) let the pie rest for about ten minutes before you slice it up.  Serve it with sour cream, plain yogurt mixed with some kind of something (plain yogurt is just wrong), ranch dressing,hot sauce, Doritos, chocolate milk, ice cream, or soup.  It doesn’t matter, see, because you’ve already covered your nutritional/culinary bases with the Brinner Pie.

A happy Brinner to all, and to all…a good night. 🙂

some thoughts…

  • you may want to butter or season your bread before you toast it.  This could only help, as plain white bread is…plain…
  • my kids ate this, but only after picking out the onions…if you live with someone equally anti-Onion (Laura-John) either leave them (the onions, not the person…that’s just mean to exclude a loved-one because they have an unholy bias against onions) out, slice them large enough for easy post-cooking-picking-out, or try leeks.  Or…just don’t worry about it…
  • this makes fairly decent left-overs.  …you could, quite possibly, be lazy two meals in a row.  You’re Welcome.  🙂

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