Inspired Horseradish Potatoes

…they’re inspired because my neighbor, an uber-chef, made some of these bad-arss spuds a few months ago and shared.  …he didn’t share enough, however, as he only sent over a bowl and not a trough-full.  I didn’t make a trough-full, but I did make a whole bunch and it was almost enough to squelch my craving for carbs and spice.

I was inspired because I was hungry and I thought it might be socially unacceptable for me to tromp next door to demand a batch from his kitchen.  See how that works?

(actually…I don’t know if the Uber Chef made them or his wife did…she’s quite a phenomenal cook in her own right…)

What follows is my best guess as to how The Chef Next Door (you remember him; he helped me with the duck) might have made his ‘taters.  Mine were pretty darn good, if I do say so. …and I did…so there.

Inspired HorseRadish Potatoes

The Grub n Stuff You’ll Need:

large, heavy bottomed stock/soup pot; sharp knife; masher or hand-held mixer

horseradish on a spoon

7 or 8 large potatoes of your choice.  I used  the red-skinned ones, but I’m    thinking a variety of ‘taters would probably taste even better.  🙂

3 Tbsp preparared horseradish

1 stick of butter (yes.  the whole stick.  …you may now excuse yourself to locate  the number to your nearest Jenny Craig…of course, if you’re willing to eat this stuff, you probably could care less about where Jenny Craig is…which makes you an awesome person and we can be friends.)


1/2c sour cream (or milk, or heavy cream, or plain yogurt)

Sour Cream on a spoon

salt and pepper to taste.

What You’ll Do:

Wash your potatoes, peel them if you want.  I never want to peel potatoes, so I almost never do.  I’m sure you’re a big person (see how gender-inclusive I am?) and can decide for yourself.  If you’re not an adult, well, then…tell your mom and dad ‘hi’ for me.  …and make sure you wash your hands before you eat.

Cut up the ‘taters, boil them like always, and drain them.  While they’re still hot, toss in all the other stuff on the list and mush it up.  Mash.  Mooooosh.  Smash.  Smoosh. Stir.  Mix.  Whatever.  Just make sure your business is fully incorporated, because you know you don’t want a mouth full of horseradish.

my potato Smoosher; I burnt up my little hand-held mixer a while back. ...don't ask, its a rather sensitive (embarrassing) subject...okay, I'll tell you about it another time

…well…maybe you do. I won’t judge.

(of course, you could just make mashed potatoes Your Way and toss in some horseradish and call it good.  However you choose to do this, add some horseradish the next time you make mashed potatoes…it’s an awesome and unexpected change-up)

(another awesome thing to do with mashed potatoes is to make Dirty ‘Taters. Jim Lane mixes ranch dressing in with his.  Awesome!)

This stuff hits all your spots and it goes really well with…anything.  Or you can eat it as a meal all by itself, which is what I plan to do for lunch today.  …there’s butter and stuff in it, I’m sure that’s enough protein, right?


Yes, it is.


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