the hair of the dog

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m trying to post something everyday in 2011.  Hence, the tag “postaday2011”.  In the words of Julie, “It’s a regimen, Mom.  Like doing sit-ups.” …Well, sometimes, trying to think of something profound is hard.  Like today.

So, what you’re stuck with is The Dude in Line Behind Me at the Store.  I had to pick up some more chocolate chips for bouchons; Mrs. The Husband’s Boss picked up my kids (voluntarily! cheerfully!) while I was in the ER a couple of weeks ago, so to say “thank you” and “you’re awesome” and “I love you in a purely Army Wife Way”, she gets the chocolate-y goodies.

Anyway, the little dude behind me (I say little dude because he has obviously been 21 for all of a day and a half and he was very short…shorter than me…which says a lot) was carrying a case of Miller Light.  (gross.)  As I was cramming my change and receipt into my pocket, I heard the cashier say, “Sorry, man, no liquor before 12.” (today is Sunday and this is the South…) Little Dude said, “Seriously?” Little Dude was wearing sunglasses, the kind that youngsters with too much money and no clear financial goals rush out to buy when their direct-deposited paychecks are burning a hole through their debit cards.  The cashier assured him that after noon, Little Dude could buy all he wanted, but as it was only 0930, he was, sadly, out of luck.

this is a random picture of a tomato. ...looks like a nose, though, right?'s just a random picture of a tomato...

Little Dude thanked the cashier and walked out to the parking lot behind me, muttering all the way about being in most dire need of The Hair of the Dog…and moving back “home” where he could buy beer any time his little hungover heart desired.

Poor Little Dude.


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