Vanilla and Blood Oranges in a Jar

sugar and blood oranges

I had intended to make Blood Orange Marmalade, but I didn’t follow that recipe.  I had looked at several recipes on line from several different sites, but I wasn’t in the mood to measure anything.  In fact, I didn’t follow any recipe; this means I have no idea what to call this stuff.  There are bits and pieces of a gazillion recipes and advice from my Grandma in here.  Its Stuff in a Jar.  Orange Stuff.  Here’s what I did:

I peeled four blood oranges, then sliced some of the rind very thinly.  I then peeled a dozen or so Clementines, keeping the wedgies whole.  I juiced four “regular” oranges…navel oranges…which are neither in the Navy nor possess a belly button.  I also chunked up two apples and threw them in…I don’t know why…it just seemed the thing to do.

Into a large pot went the oranges and their stuff.  Very scientifically, I dumped sugar over the top of it all.  How much sugar?…a lot.  A whole pant load.  Also, I added some water, probably a quart of water.  I then heated everything to a boil.  After everything cooled again to room temp, I put the pot in the fridge for two days.  The day before yesterday I added some vanilla pods (sliced and seeded), then returned the pot to the fridge.

vanilla seeds; when freshly scraped from their pods, they are stuck with paste and wonderful oils.


Yesterday, I sat the pot on the counter until it was room temp again, then added powdered pectin (yeah…probably the wrong thing to do there.  I know).  I heated the mixture through again (skimming, skimming, skimming) while my jars boiled clean in another pot.

leave the sliced and seeded pods in the mixture while it rests in the fridge. This will infuse even more of the vanilla flavor into your Stuff. Do NOT put the pods into your jars when you fill them. You can, however, clean & dry them for use in making vanilla sugar.

I filled the jars, wiped the rims, attached the lid and rims.  They boiled away smartly for about twenty minutes.

see...there's an apple chunk I told you about...


This Stuff is very, very sweet.  My plan is to mix it with hot pepper seeds and make my won Thai Sweet Sauce.  If you like oranges, if you like sweet, you’ll like this.  Give it a try; throw some stuff in a pot and boil it.  You never know what sort of goodness you’ll create.


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