Some Blogs You Need

Today I want you to check out some blogs.  Two of them, Green Gate Olive Oils and Superior Personal Defense, I author professionally.  You should know that in the interest of full disclosure.  The fact that I’ve left my grubby little finger prints on them does not make them any less useful.  🙂

Winstead Remission

Laura is my sister-in-law; my “sistah by anothah mistah”.  Laura has cancer and is beating it’s ass and generally making cancer wish it didn’t exist.

The Confounded Cook

I don’t know this guy.  He’s a friend of Laura’s cousin, Drew.  You need to follow his blog, as he writes about food, life, and currently: the Snowpocolypse ravaging the Midwest.  Like I said, I’ve never met him, but I already want to hug his neck and drink a whole bottle of wine with him.

Rock Farm Knives

This is Jim Lane’s blog.  He writes about barefoot running, making knives, guns, and generally being a hairy bald man.  Jim Lane is the Godfather to my children, my best friend’s husband, and purveyor of the best tacos you’ll ever eat in your entire life.

Superior Personal Defense

Superior Personal Defense offers supplies, classes, and advice to help keep you and yours safe.  …I’ll be updating this blog later today with a posting about “bug out bags” and home emergency kits.

Green Gate Olive Oils

This blog is for products and recipes from Green Gate Olive Oils.  They’re located in Pinehurst, North Carolina, however, they ship!  Check ’em out!

Robin Wong Photography

Robin located somewhere in Asia and loves photography.  His equipment of choice is Olympus (like me), but his photographs and advice transcend brand name.  Check out his blog for an interesting perspective in global photography.

So, that’s it.  Now here’s a gratuitous shot of something spicey:


One thought on “Some Blogs You Need

  1. Thank you so much for the thumbs up. I’m thinking we need to close these degrees of separation and let the neck hugging and wine drinking commence….ha! I’m totally stealing that line from you. LOVE the blog!!! I will be adding you to my favorites directly.

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