There are many kinds of salt(s) in the world, but these are mine.  (“This is for fighting, this is for fun…”)

I get all of my salts from TJ Maxx; their kitchen department has lots of good stuff, all cheaper than you’d pay at other fancy kitchen stores.  (example: I got a French press for $14, when Williams Sonoma wanted almost $70. )

I don’t really know if they went all the way to the Himalayas to get this salt, but I like it because it’s course and pink.  Yep.  Pink.

The extra large salt crystals aren’t really useful in cooking, but they can be in finishing.  Surprisingly: one little grain of this stuff adds something special to a piece of fudge.  Because fudge is so very sweet-tooth achingly sweet-the salt will actually enhance the chocolate and vanilla flavors of your goodies.  Just one grain, on the top, when it’s all nice and cooled.  …also, you can give it a rough smash to finish off a steak or some fish.

**note** anybody who tries to sell you a “salt grinder” in the same vein as a pepper grinder should be summarily ignored and/or peed upon.  Salt has no essential oils to release by the grinding, therefore “freshly ground salt” is just stupid. If you want smaller salt crystals, smash them with the broad side of a chef’s knife, much like you’d do for garlic, or use a mortar and pestle.  Grinders can be handy, indeed, but they are by no means “essential”.


5 thoughts on “salt

  1. The Himala Salt pictured above tastes good and was actually prescribed to me by a health care professional. It doesn’t have additives and has trace minerals and other qualities that aren’t readily coming to mind. It was recommended that I drink a large glass of water when I first get up and dissolve a small amount of the salt in it. That’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds because it’s way different than the nasty table salt we’re used to using.

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