Ebelskivers (filled pancakes)

Ebelskiver sounds like something that might lurk under your bed and try to grab your ankles.  However, all it really is, is a filled pancake ball.  A very harmless and friendly pancake ball.  They can be filled with anything, sweet or savory, and the mix can be changed up to your liking, too.  When I make them for breakfast, I use a plain pancake recipe with added cinnamon and nutmeg, then use chocolate or preserves for a filling.  For dinner, I use a corn muffin recipe, adding some chopped jalepenos and cheese to the batter.  In the center goes simmered and shredded chicken or beef.  These make great party snacks, as they aren’t messy to eat and can be filled with whatever will compliment your theme or gathering.

The only pan for these that I’ve ever used was from Williams Sonoma.  Here’s a link for the pan.

butter the wells, then fill them halfway with batter. When bubbles form, tilt the little pancakes halfway, add filling, then add another dollop of batter. Chopsticks are the tools of choice.

Here are recipes for pancakes and corn muffins (the cheap, instant mixes at the store work just as well if you’re in a pinch for time/ingredients)  🙂


2c sifted flour

2 Tbsp sugar

2 eggs, lightly beaten

4 Tbsp melted/warm butter

1 tsp salt

4 tsp baking powder

1 1/2c + 1 Tbsp milk or buttermilk

1 tsp each cinnamon and nutmeg (ground)

First mix the wet ingredients thoroughly, then add the dry ingredients, combining well.

Grandma’s Crusty Corn Bread

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