Favorite Kitchen Tools

nesting measuring cups from Mario B. I bought these at Barnes & Noble, of all places. ...probably in the same breath that I told the kids that book stores are for buying books...

I used to be a totally gadget junkie. I must confess, in one fit of culinary enthusiasm, I even purchased a “SlapChopper!”. That was a terrible idea if ever there was one; I think it lasted a week before it rusted and I tossed it, vowing never again to purchase anything from the “as seen on TV” isle.  Nowadays, I have just two drawers of tools that I keep on hand, but only a handful that I’d refuse to give up.  My knife isn’t pictured, but it’s a shiny and very sharp Wustoff classic 6″ chef’s knife.  Also, I have a knife from RockFarm Knives that I could use to amputate your leg…or successfully cleave some beef.  Pictured are my “stranded on a desert island” choices.  Yeah..this stuff and The Professor…

a ladle and coated iron pot. Don't leave home without them...
ice cream scoopers (for doughs and batters and...ice cream) and a spreader/knife thingy from Pampered Chef
the silicone brush, peeler (with interchangeable blades), and rubber tongs (a must-have to preserve your non-stick coated pans)
comfy grips...
electronic, programmable probe thermometer
my spatulas, whisks, and china Bain Marie...
the cutesy heart shape actually serves a purpose: a place for your thumb and easy pouring. ...I stole them from my Grandma...don't tell her, please...
I have two of these bowls, but you can't have one. I want to marry these bowls.
Pyrex bowls: I use these for my mise en place
I don't really use these for measuring, but they are great for scooping. Plus, you know...they're cute...
...anything from Anthropologie is a treasure...

I only buy RedVanilla stuff from TJMaxx...otherwise, I'd have to sell a child.
silicone basting brush from Marie B. "hello, dishwasher safe!"

Like I said, I have other stuff that’s useful…but for a week, I left stuff out on the counter that I used more than twice.  …I’m really glad I can put this stuff away now.  Until it’s time for lunch, anyway.

Cheers! and happy Times to you!


4 thoughts on “Favorite Kitchen Tools

  1. The Ateco offset spatula is my favorite “borderline” essential.
    Chef knife, metal spoon, rubber spatula, wine tool all go without saying, but I love my little Ateco. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Best VA

  2. I love my whisk, just because I like whisking stuff (I’m weird I know). Also couldn’t live without my little pyrex cups (mise en place too…my wife doesn’t get it and just complains I’m making more dishes…sheesh) as well as my cast iron skillets. Well I’ll have to live without those when we move, but at least my son cooks so I can hand them down and they can keep doing great things.

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