Devils in Baggy Pants

Luzon DZ 121, originally uploaded by gopre_gome.

There will be no recipe today; I’m exhausted. I stayed up until midnight making cookies for my husband who will be jumping (after dark) and then doing all sorts of Army type things. Like sleeping outside. And walking a really long way with a bunch of stuff on his back.  And being as sneaky as a 6’3″ guy with an aide bag can be.

Also, this morning, we’ve already been to the ER with my oldest son who spiked a fever that I could’ve used to bake my cookies last night. I’m cranky, as I’ve had to deal with civilians since before the sun came up. Civilians and three tired/cranky/ill children.

So-no recipe today.

Say a prayer (or lots) for Our Guys all over the world and for mine in particular tonight. I find it amazing that people will willingly throw themselves into the skies and pick up arms on my behalf. America rocks!

…I’m going back to bed.


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