Meyer Lemon Project: Day 1

Meyer lemons do not smell like regular lemons; they smell like rosemary. ...the freshest, most rosemary-est rosemary you can imagine. ...with a little lemon thrown in to nail the swoon-factor.


I’d never in my life heard of Meyer lemons before I became interested in food.  In fact, I didn’t even realize that there were varieties of most foods: apples, tomatoes, melons…I just figured that a veggie was a veggie.  I’ve cooked many lemony recipes in the past, most calling for Meyer lemons, but because I didn’t appreciate the difference, I just used whatever lemons the grocery store had.  Lately, however, I’ve been seeing recipes that are very specific about what kind of lemons to use (and what kinds NOT to use) so I began hunting for Meyer lemons.

zest; the rind of Meyer lemons is much more tender than it's larger cousins

I’d have been better off hunting for a virgin at a “Girls Gone Wild” party.

peel; see how much deeper a "peel" is that a "zest"? you're welcome

I looked in every upscale grocery store and stand in my area.  The lady at Harris Teeter looked at me like I was asking to see her real hair color.  I found some on line for $60 a bushel.  I didn’t want to pay that much money for something that I didn’t know anything about.  (I’d learned my lesson ordering jeans and a sports bra on line: if you can’t try it on…don’t buy it…you’ll be very, very sorry). Finally, after about a month of hunting, I found some.  I found some in the most crap-tastic of hell-holes: Wal-Mart.

...I just thought this was neat...carry on...

I hate Wal-Mart.  I hate the way it smells, I hate the parking lot, I hate the ceilings, I hate the way they lie about “buying American”…but I had to go because they were the only ones that had a specific jar I was looking for.  As I walked in the door, miserable and cranky, there they were in all their glory: Meyer lemons.  Bless you, Uncle Walton.  I purchased  2 1/2 dozen, my jars, some humility, and drove out of the parking lot a much happier soul.

I'm saving the corpses to make pectin and other goodies...

Because I’m still exploring my options and recipes for my little treasures, I haven’t actually made anything except a mess yet.  I have some mint, some ginger…some cute jars…but nothing has solidified in my “This is What I’m Making for Sure” list.  Last night I zested, peeled, squeezed and sliced.  The thoughtful little creatures they are, the lemons helped me find all the weaknesses in my epidermis; then they began to make sure I was paying attention.

the juice

I’ll let you know what I finally decide to do with the Meyer lemons…right after I get back from Wal-Mart.  I’m seriously considering developing some sort of psychosis in which I hoard Meyer lemons.

...I couldn't find any used lids, so I used rings and plastic wrap...

…and coconut flavored lip gloss.  That stuff is tasty!


4 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon Project: Day 1

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words; I hope this works well for you. Meyer lemons are certainly very, very different from the regular lemons I bought in the past. Have a good day!


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