a day at the beach

DSC01045, originally uploaded by gopre_gome.

…The Husband took this picture the day I ran the OBX last year…didn’t he do a good job?! 😀

A Poem for Croup and Fevers

My kid as the croup,
He’s so sick, he doesn’t want to poop.
He spiked a fever,
I took him to the er (get it?…that’s funny, right there….)
And the doctor there was a dupe.


The ER doc didn’t treat him appropriately, so he’s still sick(er). The Husband has swooped in and is fixing the situation (because he’s a PA and apparently there is a class in “upper respiratory vs lower respiratory” in PA school but not medical school). 102.5F fever…

My plans for today are shot.
I was gonna go paint a pretty pot.
I’ll snug with my boy,
Bring him popsicles and joy,
And continue to wipe up the snot.

…no recipe again today….

Just checked on my girl,
Now she’s giving the crud a whirl.
Her cheeks are bright red,
She won’t swallow bread,
And I think she just might hurl.

Happy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “a day at the beach

  1. Oh dear……I could have used this poem about a week ago. Doc didn’t treat the upper respiratory huh, strange……a doop indeed. Good luck 😉

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