Vacation in a Jar

This picture of My Girl is so, it makes me want to cry. I love My Girl.

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is expecting a baby!  She and her husband have travelled to every beach imaginable, always returning home tanned, with sea shells, and photos of the beautiful briny blue. Since she can’t partake in the Drink of Heaven (pina colada), I set out to make her a Vacation in a Jar.  My darling Sheffette: your treats are on their way to your door.  …and I tried some…and it’s divine…and if you decide you don’t like it, send it back because…it’s really, really, really coconut-y and pineapple-y and sweet.  …like you.

This recipe was complete in one afternoon; your house will smell like a coconut/pineapple umbrella drink.  Feel free to wear your flip flops and bikini.  Or jammies and scrunchy.  Or nothing at all…I promise not to tell.

sand: it gets everywhere. ...especially when you roll around in it...

Vacation in a Jar

(makes 5-6 half-pint jars)

there is no coconut meat in this recipe because, quite frankly, coconut doesn’t really taste like coconut and not everyone likes the consistency.  (insert Zombieland reference here…)

Chunk: one pineapple

Cube: three manogos

Zest & Juice: one lime

4c sugar

1c non-alcoholic pina colada mix

1 small bottle of imitation coconut extract (the.whole.bottle.)!

2c water

To a large bowl: add everything except the water and drink mix.  Stir, mash, and otherwise thoroughly combine the pineapple, mango, sugar, lime juice & zest, and extract.  Cover this and refrigerate for at least two hours.

Begin to process jars, lids, and rings.

After the mixture has gotten all friendly and sugary, let it set out for a bit to reach room temp.  Then, in a large pot, heat it through to boil, adding the drink mixture and water.  Heat up to 220F; this will take a while, as the fruit involved won’t really like this abuse.  It’s necessary.  (There will be plenty of liquid, as the water will have extracted some from the fruit. However, add up to two cups if you find it necessary.)

Add  the heated mixture to your jars, cover, and process in a rolling boil for 15-20 minutes.

After. My two year old polished off this half-pint jar in one sitting.

Vacation in a Jar on Punk Domestics

5 thoughts on “Vacation in a Jar

  1. My family and friends loved this! I need to make another batch because the first went so quickly but I had a question first. Could I just omit the pina colada mix and keep the recipe the same?

    1. You absolutely could omit the mix with no trouble at all. The sweetness will be somewhat muted, but since the coconut extract does the heavy lifting, it should still taste “vacation-y”. :). I’m glad you liked this recipe! That makes me super happy! Cheers!!

  2. Wondering about the shelf life of this? I guess the pineapple would have enough acid to make it safe for the water bath… never tried to can pineapple as I heard somewhere it wasn’t safe? It sounds so tasty, I just want it to be safe for my shelf in the cold and windy winters of MN.

    1. I honestly don’t know. I made it early in the week, shipped it to my pregnant sister in law and she ate it fairly quickly. I’ve never heard that about pineapples, but I’ll certainly look into it now. The lime juice, of course, is acidic, but I suppose litmus paper would cone in handy vis a vis the pineapple question.

      Let me know what you decide, I’ll be very curious.


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