Meyer Lemon Project: Day 2 (but really day 7)

This Meyer lemon stuff has been sitting in my fridge since the 15th. Last night, I pulled it out to finish up, so I’ve really only been working on it two days, but in all fairness, the lemons and sugar have been working their magic for a week. This is what I did last night while watching Faulty Towers with The Husband.

…Basil Faulty makes even boiling water funny…

My friend Minda, also known as The Kitchen Fairy and the Queen of Quilting (in my head, anyway) was kind enough to offer some advice.  Since Minda is smart and an all around domesticated intellect (as well as a wicked awesome gamer), I have included her pearls of wisdom for you, too.

You’re welcome.

Meyer Lemon & Mint Marmalade (MLMM…)

(adapted from Elise’s recipe on, published 2-24-08)

The ingredients are as follows:

the zest from 2.5 dozen Meyer lemons and their juice;

the juice

6c + 2c sugar; 6c water; 1/2c roughly torn mint leaves; 1 pkg liquid pectin

What I did last week: (“the story of the film so far…”)

in a large, non-reactive bowl I combined the zest, juice, 6c sugar, and mint; after stirring as best I could, I covered it with plastic wrap (put the wrap directly on the top of the mixture, like you would for a pudding or custard.)  I put this in the coldest part of the fridge and forgot about it until last night.

the mix as it came out of the fridge; to this, I added an additional 2c of sugar along with the 6c of water because it tasted like Lemon Pledge.
Minda says: "be sure to use liquid pectin." Yerttle says: "yes, ma'am."
If you blink or turn your back or try to sneak off to potty this stuff will throw a real rager all over your stove top. ...better stay close.
...leave some head room, yo.
mint leaves and lemon zest are chillaxing together in the matrix of jell, sugar, and pectin

I processed these in a boiling water bath for twenty minutes, letting the rest/dry off on a cooling rack where, if I’m lucky, they won’t get bumped or spoken to or looked at for a few days.

there are 12 of these little buggers on my counter top. Minda says: "Don't move them for at least a week." Yerttle says, "yes, ma'am."

Thank you, Minda, for letting me pester you. I think you rock socks. ❤

Meyer Lemon & Mint Marmalade on Punk Domestics

6 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon Project: Day 2 (but really day 7)

  1. Hum… I’ve got two questions- why’d ya leave it in the fridge so long, and why do you think it tasted like pledge when you took it out? I’ve been playing with marmalades this winter including lemon and also checked out Elise’s method. I’ve got a grocery bag full of meyers in my garage just waiting to be made into something.

    1. Thanks for your questions. 🙂
      1) I left in the fridge because I forgot about it. My kids have been taking turns with illness, then we had Army stuff to do. Time just got away from me.

      2) I think if I’d added vanilla or something else to temper the flavor, it might have smoothed out the tang. However, I had some that didn’t fit in the little jars and had some on a sandwich today. It’s pretty good…if you like lemon. ;). It’s plenty sweet; having tasted it today, I don’t regret the omission of some other flavor, but next time I’ll add either cherries, vanilla, or coconut extract.

      Good luck! It’s fun playing with chemistry in the kitchen. :). Cheers!!

  2. OK, I can relate to not having time to finish! My last batch was meyer lemon and ginger and was sooo strong. It also didn’t completely set (using natural pectin). I’m off to purchase liquid pectin.

    I like that you just used zest. Cutting the rind and cutting out the membranes is a consumption of time I don’t have now.

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