Honey-Lime Sauce & Proof of Life

It’s been a little over a week since I planted my lettuces and spinach.  They are still alive!  …I think maybe it’s all grown a little, too.  That’s a good thing…because that means I’m safe from an air strike for one more week, at least.

While we were at Myrtle Beach a few weekends ago, we stopped at this little restaurant for dinner.  One of the things on the menu was a $285 peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  Yes.  $285.  It came with a bottle of Dom Perignon, but…you get the idea.  I ordered, as an appetizer, home-made potato chips and ranch dressing because I am classy like that.  Don’t judge, though, because those chips were roll-around-in-the-bowl good!  Five quid for chips.  Totally worth every penny.

On my salad, I asked for “the house dressing”.  This salad was almost as much as the chips; the dressing, however, was worth ever-so-much more.  Honey, Lime, and yum!  Because we had the kids with me, I didn’t think to ask for the recipe (some chefs are flattered…others get irked…you never know until you ask…).  For the main course, I had some chicken dish or other that was smothered in orange sauce and mushrooms and garlic and fat and it, too, was YUM.  I won’t tell you how much the meal cost (no, the kids did NOT get that bottle of bubbly) but it really was a delicious meal that proved, once again, that you can get what you pay for if you stay away from the chain restaurants.

Yesterday, I set about trying to recreate that lime sauce from the salad.  After I’d already made a jar full, I thought to myself (because that’s what I call Me), “Perhaps there’s already a recipe out there.” Lo and behold, there were lots.  A whole pant-load, in fact.  My guess wasn’t too far off the mark and it’s tasty so I’ll stick with it for now.  Here’s what I did:

Honey-Lime Sauce/Dressing/Stuff

1/2-3/4c lime juice

3/4c honey (plus more, to taste)

1/4tsp salt

1/2tsp ground mustard seed

1/4c olive oil

Put the lime juice, honey, and mustard seed in a quart canning jar.  With the lid and ring snug, shake, shake, shake.  (I always think of that song at the end of “Beetlejuice” here…”shake, shake, shake, Seniora…shake it all dee time…”)

Add the salt and olive oil next, and shake some more.

I'd like to thank my lovely assistant for pouring that olive oil so nicely!

Ta-da! There ya go.

(Be advised: this should probably go in the fridge.  The olive oil and honey will get pretty stiff in the ice-box, so be sure to let it set out a bit before you use it.  I suggest dividing this stuff up into smaller containers for convenience and food safety.)

Here’s what I’ll do next time:

add cilantro (because everything is better with cilantro)

subtract 1/4c honey

poppy seeds…add a Tbsp or so

add 1/4c plain yogurt

What I’ll use it on:

anything Thai, salads, a marinade for chicken, a sauce for fruit, a flavoring for creme fraiche or plain yogurt.

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Honey-Lime Sauce & Proof of Life

    1. Yeah, that song is addicting.

      A note on the lime: add the mustard to the lime juice before you add the honey. …it mixes easier. 🙂 I hope it turns out well for you. Let me know and please offer suggestions if you come up with a way to improve it! 😀 Cheers!

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