Army (Style) Strong


Celeste (far right) and her military spouse homies



Here’s the skinny: you and all of your friends need a shirt from Stiletto Gear.



Well, Constant Reader, I’m so very glad you asked!


Celeste is a buddy of mine from a Coffee Group.  She’s fairly amazing: sweet, beautiful, Yale law graduate, volunteer, and Army wife.  She also owns Stiletto Gear, a line of clothing that specializes in stylish clothes for proud military families.  Her stuff is made in America.


This is Celeste. Isn't she cute?! 🙂




Clothes that are made in AMERICA for Military friends and family.  Clothes that put American families to work while at the same time showing support for our Armed Forces.  The ladies shown in the photos are Real Military Spouses.

Yep.  Real people, too.  🙂


Now we understand each other.  Now you know what’s up; you no longer have to buy those cheesy, boxy get-ups from the PX/BX.  There are shirts for all branches, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard.

Give Celeste a ring-and-a-holler.  You’ll be supporting America, an American business, an American service member, and once again proving that made in America is just better.  In the near future, Celeste will be putting even more Americans to work by hiring some independent sales associates.  If you’re interested, you can contact her at

Now go forth and be stylish!

(this is not a paid post…although I was promised a t-shirt.  I initiated this post of my own volition because I like Celeste and believe in what she’s doing.  This is me: excited!  I didn’t take these pictures.  Dang it.)


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