butterfly, originally uploaded by gopre_gome.

I’m sitting in the ICU waiting room at a large, internationally known hospital. Don’t panic, my children and husband are fine. …but someone close to me is not fine. Someone close to me…well…someone close to me cried out for attention and help in the worst way.

This person served 3 tours of duty in Iraq, at the beginning of the war, the height of the insurgency. He was at the Battle for Al Fallujah. …that sounds so historic, so…grand.

It was not grand.

The Someone hasn’t been himself for quite a while, anger dominating his life. He’s tried his hardest to fit in to civilian society, but civilians, he says, are insensitive and unknowing and lazy. …maybe we are…

You don’t know this person in my life, but you may have someone just like this in your life. Someone who looks fine on the outside, but who’s brain has suffered unimaginable events.

You should hug that person, if they’ll let you get close enough. You should certainly pray for that person in your life.

…there are some things that a band aide just won’t fix…



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